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Thanks Skepy! Empty Thanks Skepy!

Post  Captain_Bigzy on Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:47 am

Hey man just wanted to thank you on a more official note for the unexpected raid... Well when i mean unexpected i mean i didn't even know my stream was still live as i had spent so long talking to TMC guys in the Team Speak trying to figure what happened to my private VIP room so i thought while i wait lets watch some Skepy stream and next thing i know your saying your gona raid me and i hit PANIC MODE!!! Very Happy

Well my first ever raid so thanks very much it is very much appreciated, hopefully if i start getting a bit more viewers over the coming weeks i will get you back with a BIGZY BOOM.

If anyone else wants to support my new adventure into the Streaming world please check out my channel and hit follow as every one means a lot to me.

Thanks!  Bigzy

Twitch:     /captain_bigzy


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