Gas Station Entrepeneur - Part time staff required :)

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Gas Station Entrepeneur - Part time staff required :) Empty Gas Station Entrepeneur - Part time staff required :)

Post  Jonny Splash on Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:38 am

Greetings all,

Planning a Dayz marathon this weekend and here is our idea:

Set up a gas station (location TBC) with all the sodas, munitions and cooked meat that you can wave a stick at!

Got a car? Come and re-fuel, stop for 5 minutes and we'll put on a barbecue for you and your boys.

Need ammo? Whisper for the under-the-counter good stuff.

Perhaps we'll have a clothing section too for those that are on the run.

I quite like the idea of some kind of game also, i.e. a barbed wire maze game, full of bear traps and one lone sniper. The idea being that new spawns can come and try their luck to beat the maze run, get to the end and win sweet prizes. i.e. Guns.

Entry fee might only be a can of beans and a soda!

If anyone wants to hook up and help us realise this dream please get in touch.

We're currently only 2 guys and I imagine there is going to be a lot of running around before we have enough to stockpile our new Gas Station.

We'll probably get bought out by Walmart in the end anyway.

Cheers Smile

Jonny Splash

Jonny Splash

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